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Most activities, methods and actions are the same, wherever in the world you work. However, details may vary and standards sometimes have different names. In most countries there are authorities and organisations to support your activities. Below you will find a number of organisations working in the field of process measurement. Unfortunately this list will not cover every region, but if contacting any of these organisations they are probably able to guide you to the correct destination.



There are three different types of international organisations dealing with process measurements.

These are;

• general standardisation bodies (like ISO)

• communities (like Namur)

• umbrella organisations for legal metrology and traceability (like OIML)


Additionally each country usually has a national metrology laboratory. Often this is a good starting point for further contacts and advice.


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Intra-Africa Metrology System provides standards and support for member nations within the African continent.



American National Standards Institute, a community for standardisation in USA. Also measurement and calculation standards are available, as well as “test schemes” for example to test and verify machines and systems. Pipes, fittings and flanges with measures standardised by ANSI are commonly used worldwide.



An important organsation in the oil and gas industry. Many standards related to measurements have been published and also related information such as density tables can be found here.



Pan Asian organisation for traceability and calibration.



The American Society of Mechanical Engineers is a community for standardisation in USA. ASME is well known for standards regarding safety of equipment mechanical equipment, particularly boilers and pressure vessels. But also measurement and calculation standards are available, as well as “test schemes” and similar for example to test and verify various machines and systems.



BIPM is the home of the metric system, and a foundation for traceable measurements. Here you can find information, recommendations and advice as well as contact information for all member states.



British Measurement and Testing Association, dealing with members’ concerns regarding measurements.



Colorado Engineering Experiment Station, Inc. is a US calibration laboratory for flow meters, also offering a variety of useful publications and documents.



German national standards, in many cases transformed to European standards.


EA – European Accreditation Council

Supervising local, national accreditation bodies with applied accreditation and assessment of accredited laboratories.



Euroasian Interstate Council works with standardization, metrology and certification.


EI - Evaluation International

A cooperation between France, the Netherlands and United Kingdom. Members (companies) each year arrange evaluations of various measuring devices to assist in selection and purchasing of new instruments.



The European Committee for Standardisation is the center for standards in general, and for electrical devices in particular.



Synchronising parts of the European research work, mainly related to national metrology institutes.



The GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) is a standards organization for the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council and a portal for standards, including metrology and measurement, is available at their home page.



Federal agency for technical regulation and metrology of the Russian Federation, home of Russian standardisation and legal metrology publish standards, recommendations and legally binding documents.



The International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation assists national accreditation bodies with applied accreditation and assessment of accredited laboratories.



IMEKO has sub divisions for various measurement areas, such as temperature (TEMPMEKO) and flow (FLOMEKO). New findings and research work are presented, at annual meetings and conferences.



Worldwide organisation for standards of all kinds. A number of standards related to measurements are listed elsewhere in this book. With regard to flow meters, one important example is ISO 5167 dealing with orifice plates and Venturi tubes.



The US measurement center, located just outside Washington DC. At NIST the American national standards have their home and the expression “traceable to NIST” is famous.



German/ European community for various technical issues. Two examples in the field of measurements are signal levels and explosion proof design where NAMUR standards are commonly used.



Sister organisation to BIPM, but with a focus on legal metrology (mainly measurements involved in payments, taxes and similar).



The Inter-American Metrology System covers measurement and metrology issues for the member nations of the Organization of American States (OAS).



With members from most European legal metrology institutes, their focus is to create a uniform approach to both national and EU-laws related to legal metrology.



Within BIPM there are working groups performing various tasks related to practical measurements and other actions to secure international traceability. One important task is to arrange international measurement comparisons (“Round Robin” calibrations).


National metrology laboratories


Austria BEV


China NIM



Czech republic CMI




France LNE


Germany PTB


Greece EIM


Italy Inrim


Japan NMIJ


Netherlands VSL

Netherlands NMI


Norway Justervesenet


Russia VNIIM


South Korea KRISS


Sweden SP


Switzerland METAS


Taiwan ITRI


United Kingdom NPL

United Kingdom NEL










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