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Göteborg, Sweden

My story

Early I decided to study technology and electronics. During the final year in school I was lucky and got a project work at the car manufacturer Volvo. The project was about fuel consumption and on board computers, and one of the things we worked with was a flow meter for the petrol to the engine. It needed calibration and this was my starting point after which I have constantly tried to learn more about measurements, traceability and instrumentation. After one year in the army (where I learned a lot about tough electronics) I got a job at SP Swedish National Laboratory. Later I changed to a private company, working as product manager for flow meters and for a period I had my own consultancy company. During the years I have participated in various training courses, research projects, international cooperation, laboratory assessments and product developments – all focusing on flow meters. Since around 2005 I have also had lectures for students (mainly at short training courses) and for these I have made various texts, experiments, films and other training materials.


Now I am trying to combine all this experience in a book, the story of finding what is needed to do precise and correct measurements in the process industry.


An important part is to make everything understandable, and for this reason the book "starts with the answers", how to set up some specific measurement systems. Words and language is of course also important and for this Mr Tim Ennis, working at Horizon Ltd in the UK, has been of great assistance.

Anders Andersson


Gothenburg, Sweden




New book used by over 100 students in Swedish Process Industries

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